Responsible Gaming at Betwinner

Many people around the world suffer from gambling addiction, which leads to problems with their mental health, depression and thoughts of suicide. Addiction leaves a negative imprint on family relationships, work, and studies, and can also lead to bankruptcy or crimes motivated by theft.

Betwinner stands for Responsible gaming and asks you to remember: gambling cannot be a source of income — it is only an opportunity to have fun.

Betwinner company stands for Responsible gaming

About Forbidden Access 

As a socially responsible gambling operator, we use every trick in the book to ensure that the use of our platform’s services does not entail negative consequences for our customers. Here are examples of what we do: 

Please note that we can request identification documents at any time. This will help us find out if a minor has created an account on our portal by fraud. If you are using a computer that minors have access to, make sure that they do not have access to usernames, passwords and banking details associated with our site.

Checking Gambling Addiction 

There are several questions, the answers to which will allow you to understand whether you have a gambling addiction. Seek professional help if you respond positively to several of them: 

Tips for Responsible Gaming 

Please understand that it’s never too late to admit that you have a gambling addiction. Use these tips to reduce your risk of developing this problem: 

Self-exclusion Tools 

On the portal it is possible to carry out certain manipulations with the user’s account at his request in order to restrict his access to gambling/betting: 

During the self-exclusion period, you are prohibited from creating a new account on our site. You agree that we do not bear any responsibility for your funds if you secretly use our services under someone else’s name and from someone else’s address.